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Police, Police, Police……

The duty of the POLICE DEPARTMENT is to keep peace in the country by eliminating the bad factors from the society. And the Police is performing its duty in Worlds’ Developed Countries. But still in the countries like Pakistan, India and other Third World Countries, they are not keeping peace in the country. They are just the symbol of terror for general public.
In developed countries, Police Department is formed to SERVE THE NATION.
But in the countries like ours, it is formed to             CONTROL THE NATION.
Anyone can easily distinguish between the police man of following different countries, due to their attitude.

          • USA Police,
                • German Police,
                • Russian Police,
                      • UK Police,
                            • Swiss Police,
                            • UAE Police,
                                  • Pakistani Police,

                                  And finally,

                                          • Indian Police.


                                          August 27, 2009 - Posted by | Pakistan, World

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